Under the Affective  level of the Bloom’s Taxonomy lies Organizing. Organizational skills become increasingly important as students move from elementary to middle to high school and beyond.

Secondary teachers expect their students to take the responsibility their assignments’ due dates. No longer are educators constantly reminding their students of these dates. Soshiku is a free educational technology that works as a personal planner. This technology allows students to upload assignments, organize them by course, and request personal text messages reminding them of the due dates. After completing the free sign up procedure, students will find themselves interacting with an easy to use application for their computers or smart phones.

Once a student logs in to their account, they enter their home page that displays over-due and upcoming assignments in addition to a calendar with highlighting to indicate the dates different items are due. Sushiku allows for the compiling of assignments into their respective courses. Color coding each course enables extra organization capabilities. In addition to assignment reminders, Soshiku has other features such as saving notes, managing tasks, attaching files, and sharing messages with classmates. This technology also creates an avenue for easy communication for group assignments. After the students add the members of their group, they can then chat, delegate tasks, and share files with one another. Therefore, students who may be absent or unable to meet with the group outside of school are still up to date with the happenings within the group.

Soshiku would be a great free educational technology to use in the classroom and falls under the affective level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, specifically organizing. Here is a link to the website for more information:


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  1. In your final presentation, you must give multiple examples of Bloom’s Taxonomy activities that your students can complete. You can’t just say “this is at the affective level.” You must explain why your selected activities are analysis. You’ve done a good job with that in this post. Follow through in your presentation with good examples of these activities.


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