DataMasher is a free technology available online that creates interactive comparisons of government data such as populations and political contributions. After inputting data, the mash-up is exported in a map and table form for students to view visually and in list form. This allows for teachers to tailor their lesson for students with different learning preferences. In addition to the mash-ups, the singular data sets are available, as well.

This technology enables students to use different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. However, I believe the most prominent level it features is analysis. Within a mathematics setting, I could use this technology during a statistics lecture. Students could find real life data from the DataMasher website and complete different calculations with the data sets. Then using this technology, students will be able to easily visualize their computations comparing the two data sets.

Here is a link to the DataMasher website:

An example of a diagram available in DataMasher.


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  1. In your final presentation, you must give multiple examples of Bloom’s Taxonomy activities that your students can complete. You can’t just say “this is at the analysis level.” You must explain why your selected activities are analysis. In your final presentation you need to give multiple examples of such activities. You should have no problem doing that with this technology.


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